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Senior Portraits. The title is kind of innocuous. It is also pretty boring. It sounds on the surface like your getting a last photograph before you retire (albeit mostly because of the use of the word senior). Maybe a better title would be Graduate Portraits. It gives a sense of beginning, a sense of a new world awaiting you. A time in a young persons life to realize how far they've come, before they realize they are still only at the beginning. It is a time you get to create who you are, decide what you will stand for, and record the beginning of that process.

Senior Portraits Trabuco CanyonNear Trailhead at Holy Jim Trail

This is Devlyn. Devlyn is a pretty amazing young man.  His recent story is quite interesting. These portraits were taken close to the time he got his first truck. A Chevy Blazer. A slightly older car, with tons of character. It was a perfect fit for Devlyn. 

Senior Portraits Trabuco CanyonNear Trailhead at Holy Jim Trail

When I was approached to shoot Devlyn's graduate portraits (it really does sound better than senior portraits, doesn't it?), I wanted to do the same thing that I aim to do for all my clients. Capture the essence of who Devlyn is.

Senior Portraits Trabuco CanyonNear Trailhead at Holy Jim Trail

I have actually known Devlyn for a while. He is a really good kid. He gets really good grades. He is smart, and has a very solid head on top of very solid shoulders. He is active, and exudes a sort of quiet confidence, in between his usually funny jokes.

Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California. When we started talking about to where he wanted to do his shoot, it was obvious that outdoors was an important place to him. He loves to hike, camp, skateboard and plays soccer. We headed up into the foothills in Orange County, grabbed lunch at Cook's Corner, then proceeded to the road near the trailhead to Holy Jim Falls in Trabuco Canyon. Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

I am really excited to see where this young man goes in life. He has shown interest in attending UCLA or another University in Southern California.  Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

These portraits may end up having an even greater significance than they were originally intended. It was not long after we drove out in Devlyn's Blazer, that he had a very scary experience, to say the least. On his way back to Orange County from Lancaster, Devlyn, his brother and his older sister were in what was nearly a deadly accident.  Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

Hit from behind on the freeway after attempting to avoid a car that had suddenly slammed on its brakes (which he was successful at avoiding ), Devlyn lost control and spun and his truck flipped and landed on the center divider. His brother Michael immediately started to help their sister Meagan and Devlyn out of the car. Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

Devlyn was injured the worst of the three, sustaining injuries to the top and side of his head which would result in many staples. His car was totaled. But the three of them were alive.  Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

These images are an interesting capture, because since the accident, Devlyn is no doubt more aware of the fragility of life. They will be some of the only images he has of his first car. He is more aware of the dangers of this world. And knowing this young man, he will no doubt face them with an amazing courage, and a wise caution. Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

I am personally so thankful for his safety. For the onlookers and passersby that stopped that day to help three young adults who were desperately in need of their assistance. Senior Portraits in Trabuco Canyon California.

I am grateful for Devlyn. I am grateful for all of the amazing people whose stories I get to hear, whose lives I get to be a small or big part of. I am thankful that I do something which will impact the memories of people for the rest of their lives. Capturing moments at the beginning of a special time in their lives, and freezing moments that they will look back and remember as the end of an era.

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Children's Mini Fashion Photoshoot https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2017/4/childrens-mini-fashion-photoshoot Killian Jones, Future A-Lister

Saying portrait photographers love to shoot photos of adorable children is only a huge understatement. And every parent knows how beautiful their own children are. But as a parent, we really want everyone else to see that beauty the way we do. So we take photographs. Sadly though, we too often get them ready for those photos by yelling "say cheese", or some other obnoxious, yet perfectly acceptable parent thing to do. And the result is that we frequently get images that may be our kids looking happy ( or faking like they are happy), and we lose the essence that we see in them as a parent.  


Killians Min-fashion shootIrvine California Fashion Shoot for Killian J

One of the things I have noticed over my years and years of working as a photographer, is that many times, we forget to take photos of our children as they are  when they are being serious, or even just normal. It seems as though our desire to be happy, has lead us to thinking that we can trick ourselves into remembering how happy we were, by constantly smiling in every photograph we take. Killians Min-fashion shootIrvine California Fashion Shoot for Killian J

But as people, as human beings, we are all so much more than just giddy with happiness. We have dreams, aspirations, hopes, desires, deep thoughts, fears, and cares. Many of these things are present in our lives as we go about our days, and are ne'er accompanied by a big-toothed grin.  Killians Min-fashion shootIrvine California Fashion Shoot for Killian J Did you ever look through National Geographic, or countless other magazines, and see someone who you identified with. Someone that may have aspired you to be something, or do something? What are the chances that person wasn't smiling ear-to-ear? I'd bet they are pretty good chances.

Killians Min-fashion shootIrvine California Fashion Shoot for Killian J

I am by no means advocating to not smile. We should most definitely look for laughter, and have fun, and smile about the things we have, at the accomplishments we have made, the friends and family we enjoy, and the general miracle of the lives we have been given. And we should capture those feeling in our images. But lets not lose sight that we are more than just that laughter. We have an inner need to succeed, to love, to be loved, and to thrive.

Killians Min-fashion shootIrvine California Fashion Shoot for Killian J

I love that Killian is able to think about things that are not "silly" and to be contemplative enough to pull off a serious look. And he does it very well. And thats the thing. I think we all do. It may just be about having the right person to coax it out of you while you are in front of the camera.

Killians Min-fashion shootIrvine California Fashion Shoot for Killian J

I can't thank this amazing little six year old (he's only 6!) enough for being able to take direction, have fun, live loud and laugh a lot. We had a great time and can't wait to see these beautiful portraits hanging on the wall.

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Theatrical Director, Kimberly Jones https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2017/4/theatrical-director-kimberly-jones Theatrical Director-Kimberly Jones

There is no doubt that I loved this shoot. Of course, it makes total sense. This beautiful and talented woman just happens to be my amazing wife. During the day, she is a very successful and very busy HR Manager. In her spare time, she transforms into a Theatrical Director Extraordinaire! Kim grew up participating in theatre. College bound, she headed off and attended both UCLA and UC Santa Cruz, where she obtained her Bachelors degree in theatre. 

Her talents and credits are many. She has acted in shows such as Nightmare Before Christmas, Wizard of Oz, and Cinderella.

On the other side of the curtain she was Prop Master at UCSC and Props Artisan for Shakespeare Santa Cruz,

as well as Stage Managing for Beauty and the Beast with Broadway on Tour.

But her real passion shines through as a director. She has directed several musical performances such as Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Bye Bye Birdie with TheATree Productions,  Breakfast Club at UCLA, and her most recent production was Next to Normal with DCMS Productions.

This is just a sample of her works and credits, but on top of all this, she has taught drama to elementary school kids and junior high kids in LA and Santa Cruz, and worked as a volunteer with Broadway on Tour in Santa Ana, CA.

If you ask, she will tell you the reason she loves theatre so much, is because she gets to create new worlds, dive into characters, push for perfection, and ultimately create an entertaining experience for the audience.

The entertainment world is definitely a much more beautiful place with Kim involved in it.

And so is mine!


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J. Palmer https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2017/3/j-palmer J. Palmer


This is Jordan. 

Jordan is a UC Irvine student studying Political Science and Economics.  But he also dreams of a possible career in computer sciences and programming. Being that he enjoys computers so well, he is self teaching himself scripting, UE4 game engine (which uses several languages including C++) Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Blender 3D modeling program.

But, man that fro! Seriously though, Jordan rents his school housing here, and we get caught up in a lot of political idea debates, which lend to very interesting, and sometimes very long conversations. But a ton of fun.

As a matter of fact, as I was typing this blog post, we got into a discussion about the role government should have and opportunities to help impoverished areas based on poverty levels, rather than based on the ethnicity of the residents in that area.  Great 20 minutes of dialogue! I love the way he considers all sides, isn't afraid to be open to ideas aside from his own, and isn't stuck to the ideology of one political platform alone.

He can get very vocal when playing his PS4 online. It also doesn't hurt that he has a decent sense of humor, and can laugh at situations and even himself.

Our shoot was more of the above. Great times at Jason Jones Photography!

But oh, that fro !!!!


If you are interested in booking a shoot for your family, senior, children, yourself and spouse or partner, click the contact page above or give me a call at (949) 565-4495

Click here to visit my our Facebook page 

Click here to visit our Facebook page

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Hann Kids https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2017/3/hann-kids   These Hanns aren't Solo

Talk about a bucket of fun

There are a lot of things that are difficult about being a photographer. There is the stress, no matter how confident in your work, to assure the shoot goes smoothly. Finding clients is an ever changing process that is sometimes difficult to pin down. Keeping up on software and hardware, keeping equipment in good shape, networking with other professionals. They all add to the daily pressures of making a photography business work.


And then you get to spend time with amazing kids. These interactions with my little clients always end up lightening my spirits and let me enjoy just working my craft. Really any shoot does. But there is something that changes when shooting little ones that is soul lifting!

This is Ford.

Ford is crawling and will be walking soon.

Be careful of his grappling skills... and those eyes!

This is Foster. He's a little camera shy, but he takes a great photo.

He's also completely jacked! Look at those pythons!

This little ham is Finley. Finley has a heart of gold with a smile to match.

Maybe it's the youthful energy that never quits. It could just as well be the smiles, the laughter, the creativity or the silliness. But capturing photos like these; fleeting moments in the young lives of our children......It blesses me!

So thankful to the Hanns for coming to me for a photo session of these amazing rug rats.


If you are interested in booking a shoot for your family, children, yourself and spouse or partner, click the contact page above or give me a call at (949) 565-4495

Click here to visit my our Facebook page Click here to visit our Facebook page


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Always shoot for you... https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2016/2/alwaysshoot Always shoot for you, for your soul. This phrase was something commonly said by my instructor Bob Smith while in one of his Zone classes at Brooks. We always agreed, and would go out and shoot for us. It kept us thriving with creativity. It rejuvenated us. It focused our intents and efforts. It taught us to seek out and shoot what made us feel good. And sometimes it humbled us. Balboa Harbor SunriseLooking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif. Two Boats SunriseLooking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif. Two Boats Sunrise-2Looking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif.

And then, once again, we would find ourselves in the midst of the trenches of our education. Shooting specific assignments with semi-predetermined parameters. And eventually we graduated and moved on to start our careers and make a fortune (insert sarcastic laugh here). And little by little, many of us forgot how to just create what we loved. Two Boats Sunrise-1Looking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif.

For me, it is often because what I'd loved to do had become work. Yes I still love it. Sometimes, however, when we MUST do something, even if it is something we love, it loses that spark. We get caught up in the details of the clients, the bills, the marketing and a plethora of other things life throws at us, and shooting for US, became a dream. Something we'd love to do, someday.

Single Sailboat Vertical-BWLooking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif. Sunrise Sailboat-1Looking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif. Golden SunriseLooking South at Newport Harbor toward Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Calif.

And then, we make ourselves shoot. We remember how it feels to get up early or stay up late. To seek the perfect location and subject, and wait for the light. Testing our exposures and deciding how WE want this image to look. What angles we feel like, where to crop. Whether or not to wait for that one thing in our shot to move, or better position itself to our liking. And then, of course, to shoot. To see that shot in our mind, become ours digitally, raw as it may be. Unfinished, unrefined, but begging for our tweaks and edits.

Auto Ferry Drive FarLooking towards Balboa Island Auto Ferry from Balboa Peninsula - Newport Beach, Calif. Auto Ferry Drive Far-BWLooking towards Balboa Island Auto Ferry from Balboa Peninsula - Newport Beach, Calif.

Many of us, fiendishly scurry home to sit for hours behind our digital darkrooms, all the while juggling other tasks in the background, to manipulate those images and give birth to the final artwork that once beckoned us to release it once and for all from the depths of our dank subconsciousnesses.

Long way Down-1Pier pylon Balboa Pier- Newport Beach, Calif. PlungePier pylon Balboa Pier- Newport Beach, Calif.

But the decisions! The options and edits. The slight differences in tonality and texture. The calling for extra grain or sharpness; a hint of a color shift as if to somehow trick you into wondering what year that image was taken. A square crop perhaps? Or more drastically, banish all color and opt solely for the luminance and contrast of a photograph reminiscent of the amorous prints once conjured up in a dark room delightfully reeking of stop and fix baths.              https://www.facebook.com/jasonjonesphotography/PierBottom side of Balboa Pier- Newport Beach, Calif.     Nostalgic PierBottom side of Balboa Pier- Newport Beach, Calif. Newport LandingLooking towards Newport Harbor- Newport Beach, Calif.

 And these days, many of us, even those who are organized diligent, end up waiting far too long to get those photos in front of an audience. Yes, we may upload our favorite, or often very rough edit, onto facebook or twitter. But how often do we print them for ourselves?   What is the frequency with which we are physically displaying our beautiful artwork on walls, galleries, museums, friend and families homes, work spaces and the like? It is typically very easy to submit artwork to fairs and photo competitions, yet, this last step often is the once that isn't taken. And it is a shame.

Tower ALifeguard tower on south side of Balboa Pier- Newport Beach, Calif. Bay ArcadeLooking south at Balboa Funzone- Newport Beach, Calif.

This blog post was just a kind of an outlet for me to let my brain go free and, in a way, complain about many of the things I wish I was more frequently accomplishing. A little bit of information about THESE photographs is long overdue for those of you who are still present after that insatiable rant.

All of these photos were taken in March of 2015. Sadly I am not always one of the previously mentioned folks who actually make it straight home to chisel out the images from their cameras flash cards after a shoot. Not this time for sure. Here it is the end of February, and I have finally picked my favorites out, and edited them. Then for several, re-edited them.

Rainbow PalmsPalm tree semi-sillouette looking west- Newport Beach, Calif. Rise to the skyLooking west at staggered palms, high key-Newport Beach, Calif.

I started the editing process with all of these in Adobe Lightroom. As long as it took me to adjust to Lightroom after having learned and used Bridge and Photoshop exclusively for so many years, I now truly love the abilities to quickly make many adjustments without opening in camera RAW or Photoshop.           Fair DriveExit 4 Southbound 55 at Del Mar Ave/ Fair Drive. The exit to my old home- Costa Mesa, Calif. 55 NorthNorthbound 55 street sign- Costa Mesa, Calif.

For several, if not most of the images, many small adjustments were made in Photoshop. new to my repertoire however is the Topaz Labs Plug-in bundle. This was my first attempt at using these plug-ins, which I became acquainted with quite rapidly, and now feel very comfortable with.                                                HoagHoag Hospital, looking north from PCH and Newport Blvd-Newport Beach, Calif.

I would be a fool to rant about the way I feel remorse for rarely printing and still not doing something about it. So in light of not wanting to prove myself as such, I plan to start printing many of these out. It has been a while since I was so pleased with so many shots from a single shoot about, and I want to get them onto walls and hopefully let others them as much as I do.               

I also plan to submit many of these to upcoming photo competitions and seek local galleries that would like to display any of these photographs. if you are reading this and are with a gallery, I am most happy to speak with you...give me a call.                                                                                                                Golden FieldField of Yellow flowers at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif.

All of these images, as well as the rest in the Fine Art category  are all currently available for purchase directly from my website in a large variety of sizes and on different mediums such as fine art prints, canvas, acrylic, metal murals, metallic, and glass prints. The vendors I use are extremely high quality, and any of these would make an excellent addition to your art collection, as well as great unique and affordable gifts for art lovers.

If you like a particular image, and are not sure what size, or medium to print on, Please do not hesitate to call me for ideas or any help you need in making your decisions.     (949) 431-2550 Single FlowerLone flower in black and white at Upper Newport Bay- Newport Beach, Calif. Cactus 1-BWBlack and white Cactus in early morning sun at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif. Cactus BedCactus bed in early morning sun at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif. Cactus RidgeCactus in early morning sun at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif. CattailsCattails in Field at Creasy Mahan Natural Preserve- Prospect, KY ( Ha! You're paying attention! How did this get in here?! Oh well!)

I would also love it terribly if you would pin, post to facebook, tweet, or share any of your favorite images, as well as this blog post. Feel free to leave comments on which images are your favorites, especially with the versions which have two or more edits. Which do you like best????   Let me know!                  Boulder FieldLooking Southwest at chaparral at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif.

And so with that, after much rambling, ranting and as much of a sales pitch as I care to muster up at nearly 1 am, I will leave you to look over the images again. Enjoy this new series, which I anticipate only being part one of a series of images of Orange County California. More to follow.....Sooner rather than later.

Back Bay PathLooking Southwest into back bay at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif. Backbay ViewLooking Southwest into back bay at Upper Newport Bay-Newport Beach, Calif.

Now I must go shoot....for ME.

(Jason Jones Photography) California Newport Newport Beach Sailboats back bay beach lifeguard tower ocean orange county pacific palm trees sailboat https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2016/2/alwaysshoot Mon, 29 Feb 2016 10:06:49 GMT
Lady Laney https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2016/2/lady-laney This is going to be quite a short post, but an awesome one none-the-less. This was a photo-shoot of our friends new little girl Laney at 1 week old. It was also my very last shoot in Kentucky, before moving back home to California.


With two older brothers, Camden and Noah, this little girl is guaranteed to be the princess of the Lewis home!

For a princess she sure can sleep through a commotion!


Already making eyes at the camera!


For some reason she called me Mr. DeMille, said she was ready for her close up and went to sleep???

If I were pressed to pick a favorite....... 

I'd tell you its easy. Any picture she's in!!

We miss our friends Jeremy and Meredith! Love you guys!

(Jason Jones Photography) Family Photography Photography Portraits baby baby Photography baby portraits portraits https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2016/2/lady-laney Fri, 12 Feb 2016 23:07:18 GMT
The Pipkins https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/7/the-pipkins Nothing makes my job better then when I create beautiful photographs, and me and my clients have a great time shooting.

That describes this photo-shoot to the tee. Steve and Michelle and little miss Lynlee were so much fun to shoot, and I must say, rarely have I worked with an expecting mother so far into her pregnancy, that was so easy to work with! Without further ado, here are my favorites from our shoot!

Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY

Shooting in outdoor locations like this one at Beckley Creek park in the Parklands, are often some of my favorite locations. And this particular shoot is one of those shoots I absolutely loved. Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY

The sun was lower in the sky, about 2 hours from sunset, which was about 8:30-9pm this night. It seemed very close to that magic hour lighting that we look for as photographers, but it kept on getting better. The location however, was going to lose light before that because of a large stand of trees on a small hill. Nonetheless, the lighting seems magical, and the backlight was perfect.

Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY

Even as we lost some of the sun in and out of cloud coverage, it was not too difficult to change directions and use the diffused lighting to create beautiful images facing into the setting sun.

Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY

This last image was the last I took for the day. It is my favorite. A beautiful background and beautiful lighting, a beautiful woman at a beautiful tine in her life...what is not to love? Pipkin Family and MaternityPipkin Family and MaternityThe Pipkin Family rolled their family photos in with a maternity shoot. A great photoshoot at the Parklands Beckley Creek Park in Louisville, KY

(Jason Jones Photography) Family Photography Louisville Photographer Maternity photography Portraits photography https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/7/the-pipkins Thu, 09 Jul 2015 14:31:59 GMT
Little Miss Aspen https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/6/little-miss-aspen After many years and a move across the country to more affordable lifestyle, I finally have enough room for a home studio. I had that last year when we moved in. And FINALLY after a year and a half living here, I have my home studio set up. And immediately following the initial set up, I had a scheduled shoot with this little darling.

Aspen is almost 6 months old and cuter than any button i've ever seen. Such a beautiful little smile.

She was in a great mood the entire time, and seemed to actually not mind the flash too much.

This is just a quick little post, but I would definitely say this first shoot in the home studio was a success!

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Megan and Cole https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/6/megan-and-cole Every so often, I have a wedding that truly reminds me of why I do what I do. The wedding of Megan Nettle and Cole Skinker was one of those weddings for me.

Everything about this wedding went beautifully. And aside from a few torrential downpours before the ceremony, and even during the ceremony, a better day to get married may not have been possible.

Having arrived the Beautiful Smith-Berry Winery inNew Castle Kentucky, I entered the beautiful little farmhouse where the Bride and her bridesmaids were preparing their hair and make-up, enjoying each others company over coffee and laughter. Something every bride should make sure to do. Once Megan's hair and make-up was complete, I stole her away for a few pre-wedding bridal shots, and then had her beautiful bridesmaids joins us. 

The preparation continued as the brides maids dressed, and finally Megan put her fabulous wedding gown on. The wedding started a few minutes later than anticipated because of a sudden heavy downpour of rain. After it seemed it had cleared, the ceremony proceeded as planned. Until the sky's opened up again. The rain came down as the procession commenced, and right as the brides turn came to walk down that isle, the rain let up. She was beautiful!


The ceremony continued.

Until the sky's opened up again. In a moment of quick decision, we had the guests retreat to the barn, where the ceremony continued beautifully, despite the weathers apparent attempt to unsettle this crowd. But it couldn't be done! There was no stopping this wedding, and nothing was going to bring down these guests or this amazing couple. THIS WAS THEIR DAY. Nothing could bring down the spirits of these two, or their friends or loved ones.

And finally the rains subsided for good... just in time to capture these beautiful images of two true loves. Mr. and Mrs. Cole Skinker.


This bride and groom fell into pose after pose of pure perfection, as if it was rehearsed a thousand times, but really, this was clearly just meant to be.

There was no doubt that after everything was said and done, the bride and groom, the bridal party, and the friends and family that had gathered for this most monumental of occasions in the life of these lovers, was here to celebrate and have a great time.

And celebrate they did!

‚ÄčAnd finally after a wonderful wedding, an evening spent dining and dancing in a beautifully decorated barn in the beautiful countryside just outside of Louisville, this wedding was ready to come to a close. 

And so in splendid fashion, these wonderful people said farewell to the bride and groom as the embarked for their stay at the Galt House in downtown Louisville before they would wake and jump aboard a plane off to honeymoon in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California

What a beautiful way to begin the next chapter in the lives of two people so obviously created for each other. My deepest congratulations to Megan and Cole. May your lives together continue to embody the attitude of perseverance, happiness, and love,  so apparent in the way you have started it out.







(Jason Jones Photography) Bride Ceremony Groom Louisville Louisville Photographer Reception Smith-Berry Winery The Louisville Photography Company Wedding Wedding Wire Weddings events portraits https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/6/megan-and-cole Mon, 01 Jun 2015 17:48:16 GMT
Brittany and Evan https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/5/brittany-and-evan Having already scheduled a shoot, and arriving at the venue the day of our engagement session, we were all disappointed to find out that there was a mis-communication with the venue and they were closed! So after rescheduling for two weeks out, we finally arrived at the shoot.

Brittany and Evan were not only great fun to shoot, but they were a blast just to hang out with and talk to. We were all very excited for the upcoming wedding and were ready to get this shoot on.

The fact that we had to reschedule actually ended up working in our favor, as we had the entire location to ourselves. No distractions, no passersby, and an absolutely beautiful day for an engagement shoot. We took the first few minutes to take a look around, look at the outfits they brought and had plenty of time to loosely plan the shoot. And once we started, it was easy to see why these two were getting married.

The way they interacted was beautiful. So little direction was needed as they kept unwittingly falling into beautiful scenarios and relaxed natural poses. The grounds at the Bluegrass Entertainment and Exposition Complex are absolutely stunning. With 3 beautiful Barns, and well maintained landscape and gardening, it would have been more difficult for me to get a bad shot than a good one. Being willing to spend the time to engage with each other helps a shoot so much. Often times, couple want to show up, get the shots, and be done. But typically the best photos happen once they give in to relaxing and having a fun, spontaneous or romantic moment, and forget that I am there photographing them. Come on! How fun are these two!

I am looking forward to their upcoming wedding. No doubt they are going to be as fun married as they are now. We had a great time capturing some exquisite images that Brittany and Evan will surely hold dear years down the road, and will remember this exciting time in their life as they were preparing to spend forever together, in love.

(Jason Jones Photography) Louisville Louisville Engagement Photographer Louisville Photographer engagement photographer portraits https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/5/brittany-and-evan Thu, 28 May 2015 13:36:53 GMT
Ella Enchanted https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/5/ella-enchanted Back in April I had the opportunity to  shoot a beautiful birthday party, for one of the sweetest (and sometimes sassy!) little girl. Her name is Ella. She, like many girls in her age range has a  (healthy?) obsession with princesses. Fortunately she has amazing parents that went through the trouble to give her very enchanted fairytale party to celebrate her 5th birthday. 




From not so poisonous apples, Rapunzel let your hair down yellow Twizzlers, frog prince gummies, jelly bean glass  slippers, true loves kiss  hershey’s kisses, Frog kisses, to face painting, manicures, knight outfits for the boys and a rack full of princess dresses for the girls to dress up, and followed up with a visit from princess Ariel herself to read the Little Mermaid story, this was most definitely the princess party of the year, one not to be missed by up and coming young royalty. As with any event, it was great to get beautiful shots of the well thought out layout, decorations, and bountiful birthday treats. It was also great fun shooting the little knights playing swords, and seeing all the little girls dressed up in princess dresses and having high tea set in this little castle-esque  country setting at the beautiful Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood Kentucky, just minutes from downtown Louisville.

Ella is such a sweet little girl always willing to stop and strike a pose. But when I caught her looking around and not focused on the camera, is when I got some even more beautiful images


As one of my true loves is capturing and creating beautiful portraits, I tend to always squeeze in some sort of a mini-portrait session when shooting events such as birthday. And this party was no exception. 

All done up as a princess in a beautiful dress, we took about a half an hour and wandered around the beautiful grounds at Yew Dell. With pods, and benches, beautiful little footpaths abound, we had the opportunity to take some amazing photographs.


It is very possible that these photos will be cherished for a lifetime, and into Ella’s future family’s lifetimes as well. I have so many favorites, it's hard to choose just one. Which one do you like best?  


Don't forget to like, comment share, tweet, and pin! And check back often for new blog posts



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Out and about https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/2/out-and-about

I would be a fool if I did not place my favorite of the day first. And this is it. One of the key things I love about street photography and urban landscape photography is how it forces me to step out of whatever box I may be stuck in at the moment, and get creative. Looking closely, and looking at things from a different perspective, and angle you may not normally think about helps not only to bring forth great images, but gets me comfortable with NOT being in my comfort zone. This the best thing I can do when I am with a client. And this is perfect practice.


Street photography is not something I find myself getting to spend as much time doing as I'd like. Especially having moved to a climate that does not boast an almost monotonous 75 degrees year round, going out can be boiling hot, or downright cold. Today though, I was on a mission. To complete my 5 day black and white photo challenge, challenged to me by a friend and fellow photographer, Melissa Gowen. 

The premise was simple. 5 black and white photos taken and/or uploaded over a 5 day period. Perfect. Not too long of a commitment that I feel guilty after day 90 of a 365 day challenge, only to fail and never be able to catch back up, due to the rest of life running its course.


So I accepted the challenge. My first 3 submissions were of my two boys. I looked for some unique lighting around the home and found some excellent opportunities in front of our family room window. The images were posted to my Facebook page and sub 1 can be seen here, 2 can be seen here, and 3 can be seen here.


For the fourth submission I wanted to change things up a little. I decided to use a camera that is much like one that many people have now, an iPhone camera. This image was taken in the middle of a country road, on Sunday morning. That image can be seen here.


So having 4 days under my belt, I decided to really get out and get crazy. I figured day 5 would be not merely a grand finale of a 5 day shooting binge. No, day 5 would be a recommitment to shooting for myself. Far too often, photography, when shooting only what your clients are interested in you shooting, becomes much like any other job. It becomes work. The remedy fortunately is a simple one. Keep shooting for YOU. Sounds real easy, and to an extent it is. The idea is anyway. The more we remember to shoot for ourselves, the more we remember why we love photography. stealing moments in time, creating magical images that may not exist or be known without us, and capturing the most special memories of our lives and loved ones, all to be held close and looked back on down the road.


So I present to you, the Grand beginning ( if you can call it grand!).

Being I have hardly wandered around my new hometown of Louisville, I decided to embark on what quickly felt like an arctic expedition to a very small portion of the downtown area, just in front of the KFC Yum! Center, home of the Louisville Cardinals, and then stopped in the Highlands for a bite.


To me, alley's are one of my favorites.  There is something about the grittiness, the unashamed fact that this place gets used like the hardworking functional portion of the landscape it is, and the way that utility and function are almost always more important than the beauty of the area, that draws me to this type of locale.  And more often than not, you turn the corner, or look up, and theres another shot just begging to be created. 

And then another.

It sometimes feels like you just don't have enough time, to get every shot that wants to be had.

Of course, that is not to say that alleys are the only great places to shoot in a downtown.

Store fronts offer up amazing variety and opportunities to find the shot you want to frame.

Something I love about photography is the ability to make small changes, and capture several images. 

Getting to pick out your favorite is definitely sometimes one of the hardest parts. But also one of the most fun parts of photography. And lets be real, if you aren't having fun, why are you doing it?

And then, there is the architecture of the city, and the plethora of buildings and all the unique little bits that make it like no other place.

And most definitely one cannot forget to mention the inhabitants of the city, it's people. They are the fabric that make the whole thing worth while.




(Jason Jones Photography) Kentucky Louisville Photography" Urban landscape art black and white fine fine art photography photography street photography https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2015/2/out-and-about Tue, 03 Feb 2015 00:01:47 GMT
New Adoption Photos https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2013/1/new-adoption-photos  

The Al-Imam Family


Two of my greatest friends ever are in the process of adopting a son. He is a great kid. Just a little while after this last mothers day, we did a photo shoot of the three of them. Here are a few of the amazing shots that came from their session. 



I have been so blessed with such great friends as the Al-Imam family. Always there with open arms, and a lot of fun to be with. I am so excited they have been blessed with someone so amazing to join their family. Really excited to see their family continue to grow, and looking forward to capturing more moments in their lives for years to come.

(Jason Jones Photography) Family Portraits https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2013/1/new-adoption-photos Mon, 28 Jan 2013 16:00:00 GMT
Tyler and Priscilla Engagement Session https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2013/1/tyler-and-priscilla Tyler and Priscilla


I am very excited to have had the chance to photograph Tyler and Priscilla. After multiple issues with location and weather, we were finally able to shoot on the coast in Corona Del Mar. The weather was sunny, and the beaches were fairly empty.



One of the greatest outcomes from this shoot for me was some of these shots by the rails. What appears as a gorgeous pacific ocean backdrop, ruined by a metal safety railing, turns out to be a phenomenal location allowing for multiple options for posing, and enhances the location rather than distracts from it. Just a little reminder that sometimes, you need to take a risk to get the reward. Be adventurous!

Tyler and Priscilla were a joy to shoot. After an attempt to shoot several weeks prior, we finally made it back to Corona Del Mar. This day seemed that it would present similar problems. But we rolled with the punches and eventually came away with these stunning images. Their ability to laugh when things don't go quite as planned, will most certainly go a long way to ensuring a long and happy marriage.

(Jason Jones Photography) Couples Engagement https://www.jasonjonesphoto.com/blog/2013/1/tyler-and-priscilla Thu, 24 Jan 2013 17:32:45 GMT