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I would be a fool if I did not place my favorite of the day first. And this is it. One of the key things I love about street photography and urban landscape photography is how it forces me to step out of whatever box I may be stuck in at the moment, and get creative. Looking closely, and looking at things from a different perspective, and angle you may not normally think about helps not only to bring forth great images, but gets me comfortable with NOT being in my comfort zone. This the best thing I can do when I am with a client. And this is perfect practice.


Street photography is not something I find myself getting to spend as much time doing as I'd like. Especially having moved to a climate that does not boast an almost monotonous 75 degrees year round, going out can be boiling hot, or downright cold. Today though, I was on a mission. To complete my 5 day black and white photo challenge, challenged to me by a friend and fellow photographer, Melissa Gowen. 

The premise was simple. 5 black and white photos taken and/or uploaded over a 5 day period. Perfect. Not too long of a commitment that I feel guilty after day 90 of a 365 day challenge, only to fail and never be able to catch back up, due to the rest of life running its course.


So I accepted the challenge. My first 3 submissions were of my two boys. I looked for some unique lighting around the home and found some excellent opportunities in front of our family room window. The images were posted to my Facebook page and sub 1 can be seen here, 2 can be seen here, and 3 can be seen here.


For the fourth submission I wanted to change things up a little. I decided to use a camera that is much like one that many people have now, an iPhone camera. This image was taken in the middle of a country road, on Sunday morning. That image can be seen here.


So having 4 days under my belt, I decided to really get out and get crazy. I figured day 5 would be not merely a grand finale of a 5 day shooting binge. No, day 5 would be a recommitment to shooting for myself. Far too often, photography, when shooting only what your clients are interested in you shooting, becomes much like any other job. It becomes work. The remedy fortunately is a simple one. Keep shooting for YOU. Sounds real easy, and to an extent it is. The idea is anyway. The more we remember to shoot for ourselves, the more we remember why we love photography. stealing moments in time, creating magical images that may not exist or be known without us, and capturing the most special memories of our lives and loved ones, all to be held close and looked back on down the road.


So I present to you, the Grand beginning ( if you can call it grand!).

Being I have hardly wandered around my new hometown of Louisville, I decided to embark on what quickly felt like an arctic expedition to a very small portion of the downtown area, just in front of the KFC Yum! Center, home of the Louisville Cardinals, and then stopped in the Highlands for a bite.


To me, alley's are one of my favorites.  There is something about the grittiness, the unashamed fact that this place gets used like the hardworking functional portion of the landscape it is, and the way that utility and function are almost always more important than the beauty of the area, that draws me to this type of locale.  And more often than not, you turn the corner, or look up, and theres another shot just begging to be created. 

And then another.

It sometimes feels like you just don't have enough time, to get every shot that wants to be had.

Of course, that is not to say that alleys are the only great places to shoot in a downtown.

Store fronts offer up amazing variety and opportunities to find the shot you want to frame.

Something I love about photography is the ability to make small changes, and capture several images. 

Getting to pick out your favorite is definitely sometimes one of the hardest parts. But also one of the most fun parts of photography. And lets be real, if you aren't having fun, why are you doing it?

And then, there is the architecture of the city, and the plethora of buildings and all the unique little bits that make it like no other place.

And most definitely one cannot forget to mention the inhabitants of the city, it's people. They are the fabric that make the whole thing worth while.





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